Make a Difference as an Environmental Engineer

Wondered about becoming an engineer or how you can have a positive impact on your world? Becoming an environmental engineer might be the path for you!



Environmental engineers are the intersection of many disciplines of science. As an environmental engineer, you could expect to use engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to work on critical issues facing humanity.

Environmental engineers are scientists that focus on translational science and implementing the promise of lab developed technology. Some of the major projects environmental engineers have worked on are recycling, waste disposal, public health, and water conservation, and air pollution control.

To inform this episode of Working in Science, PhD environmental engineering candidate Alex Polasko graciously volunteered to be interviewed and give a tour of her lab.

2015 Median Pay $84,560 per year
$40.65 per hour
Typical Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s degree
Number of Jobs, 2014 55,100
 Job Outlook, 2014-24 12% (Faster than average)

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